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Pro/Ama International Kickboxing Sanctioned by WKA

  • No kick minimum
  • Boot to Boot Kicks, low kicks & high kicks
  • Pads:
    Professional: No Headgear or Shin pads (No Boots Pads)
    Amateur: Headgear and Shin pads (Boots Pads)
  • Cup and mouth piece
  • Gloves:
    Professionals 10oz or 8oz gloves according to weight
    Amateur 12oz gloves
  • No knees
  • No elbows
  • Spinning back fist is allowed for professionals only
  • 2 minute rounds Pro/Ama-Kickboxing
  • Sanctioned by WKA

Pro/Ama Thai Fighting Sanctioned by WKA

  1. All forms of boxing in combination with kicks above the waist to the body and the head
  2. Rear (reverse) kicks to the body or the head, as well as spinning back kicks to the body and to the head
  3. Foot sweeps
  4. Low kicks to the thighs, inside and outside
  5. Knee attacks to the body, as well as kicks with the shin to the thighs, body and the head
  6. Clinching (holding) for 5 seconds and attacking at the same time with knees and elbows or any strikes
  7. Elbow strikes to legal target areas below the neck
  8. Frontal rolling kicks with the heel
  9. Flat throws below the waist line only in clinching situations
  10. Holding an opponent’s leg. Only one counter technique is allowed before the fighter must let go of the leg
  11. The use of spinning back fists only with focus on the opponent
  • No Kick Minimum
  • Gloves 12oz Ama Pro10oz or 8oz  according to weight
  • Knees to body (No knees to face No Shin and Instep Pads)
  • No Head Gear (Ama Head Gear)
  • Boot to Boot Kicks, low kicks & high kicks
  • Cup & Mouth Piece
  • Spinning Back Fist-Allowed
  • 3 Minute Rounds

Weight Classes

  • Flyweight minus -111.1 lb
  • Super Flyweight -114.4 lb
  • Bantamweight – 117.7 lb
  • Super Bantamweight -122.1 lb
  • Featherweight -125.4
  • Super Featherweight – 129.8 lb
  • Lightweight -134.2 lb
  • Super Lightweight -139.7 lb
  • Welterweight – 147.4 lb
  • Super Welterweight -154 lb
  • Middleweight -159.5 lb
  • Super Middleweight -167.2 lb
  • Light Heavyweight – 173. lb
  • Super Light Heavyweight -182.6 lb
  • Cruiserweight – 189.2 lb
  • Super Cruiserweight -198 lb
  • Heavyweight -209 lb
  • Super Heavyweight + 209 lb
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