Fighter’s Instruction

Top Kick Championship Kickboxing Superfights will provide you with flyers and/or tickets for the upcoming event. You will also be provided with a sheet detailing both the rules as well as the equipment required for your fight.

The weigh-in will take place at the UPSKY Hotel promptly at the time instructed.


In 2012 amateur fighters will be required to submit a medical exam by their personal physician witch is no older than 6 months of the event date. Professional fighters will be required to submit a medical exam by their personal physician which is no older than 3 months of the event date and also supply a negative result to an HIV and HEP B&C no older than 3 months of the event date. Females (amateur and professional) must do a pregnancy test at weigh ins and the results must be negative for them to compete. Cost these tests are the sole responsibility of the participants. Click here for an updated WKA medical form that fighters will need to use. You must complete the front side and sign the bottom and have your doctor complete and sign the back side. Include the event name and date (located at the top of the form). The completed medical form needs to be faxed into 631-360-8810 and the original brought to the weigh in. Please have completed this so I can monitor the progress. It is mandatory that you also bring a copy of your medical to the weigh-in. This will speed up the required pre-fight physical. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS. No fighter will be allowed to compete without the medical requirements fulfilled.

WKA Fighters License

If you do not have a WKA fighter’s license, you will be required to purchase one at the weigh-in. The cost of the license is $25.00. The cost of the license must be paid either in Cash or by money order.


If you choose to bring your own music, it must be on CD. No curse words derogatory statements permitted on the song.


Hotel Accommodations for any friends or family that may stay overnight can be made at UPSKY Hotel, 110 Motor Parkway Hauppauge, NY 11788-5198 (631) 231-1100 

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