About Top Kick Superfights

Top Kick Championship Kickboxing Superfights hostsĀ the largest kickboxing events in New York. Over the last 17 years our events have beenĀ promoted on top radio stations and aired on local cable TV. Our Event has promoted many professional World Champions including:

  • Chris Algieri
  • Tommy Bottone
  • Dave Buglione
  • Bobby Campbell
  • Ahmed Fahim
  • Derek Panza
  • Tarek Rached
    … and many more

Top Kick Championship Kickboxing professional Superfights are Sanctioned by the WKA

The World Kickboxing Association is the oldest and largest organization of its kind, with over 90 countries in its membership. Recently, there has been very little WKA activity within the U.S., or involving U.S. kickboxers. This is made plainly evident by the meager U.S. representation in the world rankings. It is the opinion of many in the European and Asian kickboxing community that the training in the U.S. is sub-standard, and the fighters are not on par with other kickboxers worldwide. This is simply not so. There have been U.S. kickboxers who recently have been performing at an exceptionally high level, equal to many of their European or Asian counterparts.

It is the mission of the WKA USA to restore U.S. fighters to their rightful place and prestige within the WKA, and support and promote US fighters competing for world titles, both at home and abroad. So we encourage you to join the ranks of great WKA champions like Benny “The Jet” Urquidez, Howard Jackson, Robert Kaman, Don “The Dragon” Wilson, Ernesto Hoost, Chris Ngimbi, Brandon Vera, and Sean Sherk and show the rest of the world the true standard of US fighters.

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